Dharmveer Diliprao Rahate Shikshan Va Bahu-Uddeshiya Society, Mehkar

Shrimati Shindhutai Jadhav Arts & Science Mahavidyalaya, Mehkar

Dist. Buldana (M.S)

(Affiliated to Sant Gadgebaba Amravati University, Amravati)

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Academic Calendar 2018-19

Commencement of First Term 14/06/2018
Meeting with Admission Committee Member 17/06/2018
Staff Meeting & Academic Work Distribution 18/06/2018 to 30/06/2018
Commencement of Regular theory Classes 01/07/2018
Meeting with IQRC Member IIIrd week of June 2018
Result Analysis Meeting (Summer Exam 2017) IVth week of June 2018
Library Committee Meeting IVth week of June 2018
Commencement of Regular Practical’s 30/07/2018
Student Council Meeting IVth week of July 2018
Guest Lectures IInd July 2018
Principal Meeting with H. O. D./S IInd week of August 2018
Prize Distribution and Parents Meeting IIIrd week August 2018
Student’s Feedback IInd and IIIrd year UG Classes. IVth week of August 2018
Meeting with IQAC Member Ist week Sept. 2018
Programme on Value Inculcation on Teacher’s Day
Internal Evaluation Programme
(Test]Tutorial, Project, Book etc)
20/09/2018 to 30/09/2018
NSS Day Celebration 24/09/2018
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02/10/2018
Feedback Analysis & Communication of Analysis
Uni. Exam (B.A., B. Sc.)
Ist week of October 2018
Winter Exam (Uni) 15/10/2018
Library Committee Meeting IInd week of Octomber 2018
Commencement of Second Term 06/11/2018
Commencement of Regular Theory Classes & Practical’s 23/11/2018
Winter Vacation 04/11/2018 to 25/11/2018
World Aids Day 01/12/2018
Organization of Study Tours & Industry Visit. During Winter Vacation
Staff Meeting Start of second semester.
Meeting with IQAC Member IIIrd week of December 2018
Students Seminar of I yr UG Classes IIIrd week of December 2018
Guest Lectures IVth week of December 2018
Result Analysis Meeting (Winter-2018) Ist week of January 2019
Library Committee Meeting Ist week of January 2019
Student feedback Regarding Teachers & College Ist week of January 2019
Jijau Jayanti and Yuva Din 12/01/2019
Students Feedback IIIrd week of January 2019
Principal Meeting with H. O. D.’s IIIrd week of January 2019
Annual Gathering Programme IVth week of January 2019
NSS Camp 28/01/2019
Shiv jayanti 19/02/2019
Feedback Analysis and Communication of Analysis IIIrd week of February 2019
Internal Evalauation Test IVth week of February 2019
Meeting with IQAC Member IInd week of March 2019
Principal – Student- College Meeting with H. O. D.’s IIIrd week of March 2019
Practical Examination As per University Schedule
Uni. Exam. B.A., B. com. 16/03/2019
Ambedkar Jayanti 14/04/2019
Staff Meeting At the end of Second Semester
Library Committee Meeting IVth week of April 2019
Summer Vacation 28/04/2019 to 09/06/2019